Wedding Bingo Cards (x10)


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After many requests from our customers, we now have a range of pre-printed hens day party games, which are sure to make your life easier! 

This universal diamond design will blend in to most hens party set ups, and can be easily paired with any of our black, pink, gold and ivory decorations and accessories. 

Sold in a packet of 10, these A5 bingo cards have been printed on premium paper stock (200gsm) with a smooth matte finish – which means they can be written on easily and can still be folded to fit into a small bag or clutch. 

To play, guests write down the first 16 wedding related words they can think of. Once finished, the bride-to-be reads out hers. As the bride-to-be's are read out, the guests cross out those that are a match. The first person / team to mark off four in a row wins! 

Can be played individually or in small teams.